Interior French Drains

Interior French Drain

An interior french drain is a french drain that is installed all around the perimeter of your basement foundation. Installing an interior french drain is not an easy project or a DIY undertaking.

In contrast to an exterior french drain, an interior french drain does not prevent water from entering your basement. It is however designed to catch water that seeps in to your basement and channel it using gravity to a sump pump which will pump the water outside of the home and away from the foundation. Typical costs for an interior french drain system range between $2,500 and $4,500 dollars.

Interior French Drain Installation

Installation of an interior french drain involves digging out a channel of your basement slab all around the perimeter. The ground beneath is excavated throughout this channel. A perforated drain pipe is installed and the trench is the filled with gravel. The slab is the patched with concrete.

Interior French Drain under construction


  • Cost is generally cheaper than an exterior french drain
  • Doesn't affect exterior landscaping
  • Since basement is indoors, weather can not delay installation


  • Doesn't actually prevent water seeping through basement walls
  • Construction is loud and messy. (Concrete cutting)